Sustainable Security

Highly engaged in regional development programs, Aralia seeks to diversify its brand and product lines through the development of R&D incubation centres.

By doing so Aralia is able to reinvest profits and knowledge into the communities with which it engages. This form of local reinvestment allows Aralia to engage directly with end users, form secure relationships and provide local support on installed systems.

An expanding knowledge network

Aralia has seen great success in developing and implementing such incubation centres in the UK, where it has greatly expanded its product offering and fully capitalised on the innovations of the future. This knowledge network will be taken and implemented in regions in which Aralia operates, thus allowing Aralia to strengthen relationships and provide jobs and resources back into the communities it protects.

Supporting economic development

By working with local universities and entrepreneurs, Aralia will determine what knowledge and assets can be utilised, in order to develop existing or new capabilities into emerging markets.


Such programs may include:

Placing individuals within current incubators abroad

Forming relationships with end users in the targeted market

Obtaining government support when selling abroad.

By forming incubators, local authorities and universities will be able to share assets and develop ideas into new markets, thus investing in economic development.

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