Aralia is proud to present Salix, its transportation recording solution which is helping
to reduce fraudulent injury claims.

Reducing Fraudulent Injury Claims

Transit authorities are often targeted by unscrupulous bus passengers who falsely claim personal injury. Insurers estimate the number of fraudulent injury claims in this sector to be over 25 per cent of all claims. The statute of limitations for a claim of personal injury can be up to 6 years (although this differs state-by-state).

Video evidence is often used to successfully rebut fraudulent claims of injury. There are, however, many problems with obtaining video evidence, namely:

The impracticality of storing all video data from all cameras to cover the time period defined by the statute of limitations

The time-intensive and error-prone nature of manually reviewing video
the process is costly and inefficient.

Current on-board recording devices on buses are equipped with accelerometers, but high levels of acceleration are neither a necessary, nor sufficient, condition for injuries to occur.

A Smarter Solution: Salix

Salix – Aralia’s latest addition to a suite of innovative safety and security solutions – uses sensor fusion data to predict and observe events that may result in injury claim. These events are then archived as evidence.

The prevalence of video surveillance has driven the need for more sophisticated ways of storing and retrieving video data. Aralia’s software currently supports a system comprising of 1500+ cameras and as many other security type sensors (access control, CBRN etc). Our expertise in managing and cataloguing video data for transit authorities gives us unparalleled insight into the development of Salix.

Salix has been developed and tested in collaboration with one of the largest transit authorities in the USA.


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