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ilex: Advanced Video Surveillance

The first part of a complete three-part software suite, ilex provides all the functions of video surveillance. This includes analytics, recording, viewing and rapid historical search. It is an advanced, intelligent and scalable video surveillance system, which can integrate with both existing CCTV infrastructures and the latest digital systems.

ilex sends video data to a distributed relational database, incorporating real-time cataloguing within video picture, automatic reporting of alarms and rapid SQL-based querying of the entire stored video data. All configuration and video data, including analytic metadata, are stored in the relational databases.

Our innovative approach permits ilex to use the querying and data processing capabilities of a large-scale SQL database. Pioneered by Aralia, this approach gives ilex a clear advantage over competing systems.

Configure Alarms for Automatic Alerts

With its configurable rules, ilex can be easily customised to fit any user’s needs. You can create alarms to automatically detect objects that pose a security threat based on your individual security risks:

Define regions of interest

First, define regions of interest (ROIs) on a camera’s field of view (FOV), to set up detection areas for objects


Configure alarm rules

Second, configure alarm rules to detect specific objects based on characteristics such as object type, colour, size, speed and direction

When an alarm is detected by objects that meet the pre-set configurations, ilex will alert the operator by sending out an automated alarm.

Key features of advanced video surveillance

Records into a distributed relational database at evidential quality

Real-time analytics of picture content are catalogued

Automatic reporting of alarms

Standards based system including ONVIF & RESTful

Rapid SQL-based querying of the entire stored video data

Analytics continue to function when the camera is moving

Ability to use multiple compression technologies

Runs in centralised or distributed configurations with all types of storage

Take Immediate Action: Alarm Alerts and Event Playback

Take action as soon as a security issue arises:

Quickly and easily replay the footage from an alarm incident or any chosen period within a camera’s recorded data

Instantly view a snapshot image of the alarm event, highlighting the object that triggered it

Save and print snapshot images from the alarm event for future reference

Filter and re-order alarm incidents according to categories for quick referencing

Search through video footage visually using the Timeline feature

Full Geographic Information System (GIS) Interface

Our latest version of ilex includes a full Geographic Information System Interface. GIS Network Maps, Location Maps and a GIS Toolbar allow the end-user to quickly visualise threats and respond accordingly. Drag Field of View (FOV) cones to move cameras and view alarms as icons on the map.

iberis: Digital Control Room

The second part of Aralia’s complete software solution, iberis is a centralised, fault-tolerant database that manages all user configurations and system policies.

iberis manages the security, alarm distribution, configuration and upgrade of large systems and can be configured to respond automatically to alarm conditions raised from the ilex video servers without operator intervention. iberis can act as an interface to existing C2 systems or function as a control room management system in its own right.

In addition to surveillance tasks, iberis can also be used to control and integrate other aspects of the infrastructure, such as access control, chemical detection system, tracking devices, facial recognition and licence plate readers.

Key Features of Your Digital Control Room

Centralised alarm reporting and control for ilex servers.

Automated alarm management.

Maintains an evidential audit trail for all data acquired.

RESTful interface to other sources of intelligence information.

aster: Retrospective Searching

The third part of Aralia’s three-part software suite, aster performs historical analysis of the analytic metadata stored in the ilex database. aster incorporates all the features found in Aralia’s ilex video cataloguing engine, allowing the operator to quickly and easily search for relevant video data according to definable video features.

All captured data remains of evidential quality, maintaining a full audit trail of all operator actions. aster is designed to capture data from a wide range of sensors and store the data in native format within a relational database.

aster has a full set of forensic tools for preparing cases, including a built-in report generation system that can be used to monitor the effectiveness of the surveillance system. Additionally, aster can identify key characteristics of an object which can then be used to create a template to recognise other objects with matching specifications.

Complex Retrospective Searching Performed at High Speed

You can create queries using aster’s user-friendly retrospective search tool. Or search through stored footage for objects detected and alarms raised in ilex:

Configure complex queries incorporating multiple cameras

Narrow your query by defining regions of interest (ROIs) and specific time periods.

Search for objects by type, colour, position and direction.

Search rapidly through large amounts of data.

Instantly play back footage from found incidents.

Key Features of aster’s Retrospective Search

Provides comprehensive preview and review capabilities for forensic investigations, including automatic video content cataloguing and all the facilities required to build a complete case history

Records data into a distributed relational database

Allows for automatic cataloguing of picture content

Incorporates rapid SQL-based querying of digitised stored video data

Links GIS data with the investigator’s notes and video sections through a single relational database

Easy-to-navigate user interface for system operators

Search speeds of one year of recorded video per minute are routinely achieved at existing installation

Create Incident Reports for Easy Consumption of Results

Aralia’s security solution provides full incident report generation from any workstation within the network, meaning you can:

Quickly create detailed Crystal Reports™ of your query results for future reference

Use aster’s comprehensive facilities to build a complete case history with attached notes and images

Generate reports that satisfy the stringent requirements for evidence within a court of law.

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