Groundbreaking new 3D camera makes scene analyses more accurate

23.02.2016 adminaa Press Releases

Say goodbye to 2D. Analysing a scene accurately has just got significantly easier, thanks to an exciting new 3D scene analysis camera from Aralia.

transparent-BGAfter five years of research and development, leading intelligence surveillance firm Aralia are finally ready to announce the arrival of Ulex, a 3D scene analysis camera.

Ulex is not another ‘me too’ device. Nor is it a conventional 3D camera. Instead it’s specifically – and uniquely – designed to provide scene analytics. David Marr, the father of computational neuroscience, has identified three steps in the acquisition of visual data to determine scene understanding. Which means that 3D video obtains much more information about a scene than 2D ever can.
In fact, for every image captured by a conventional high-resolution 2D camera, Ulex provides five extra image datasets, including the scene 3D geometry, surface topology, albedo and segmentation

It’s also optimized for video content analysis tasks such as identity detection, precision agriculture, Digital Out Of Home systems, autonomous navigation, and automated surveillance. Aralia is a leading force in the intelligent surveillance sector. They have been responsible for a string of technical firsts for intelligent surveillance, including the first surveillance product with automated scene analysis, and the first product to provide high speed SQL-based searching of scene metadata.

Anke Lohmann, Head of Photonics and Quantum Technologies at KTN says:

2D vision has always been a compromise, and the trend in imaging is towards 3D, which seeks as much information as possible from a scene. Up to now, the deployment of 3D vision has been held back by complexity of implementation and the cost associated with it.

Aralia has always been a remarkable company, leading the way in developing new technologies that address the needs of their clients, and we value our close working relationship with them.

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