Aralia’s intelligent surveillance software is ideally suited to provide a solution for high-security areas such as:


Rail networks

Urban cities

Marine ports

and more

Proactively address security threats

An Aralia solution is the strategic choice for any company in an industry or environment that wishes to proactively address security threats and reduce the costs associated with business interruption. With Aralia’s intelligent surveillance software you can address the following concerns:


Object detection

Object tracking

Object classification

Smoke and fire detection

Perimeter surveillance

Left objects/luggage

Mobile surveillance solutions

Crossing detection



Highway infractions

Vandalism and graffiti detection

Counting statistics

Behavioural analysis


Case study: Maryland Transit Administration

The Maryland Transit Administration Police is the law enforcement entity for the state’s transit systems, which include Buses, Light Rail, Subway, Commuter Bus, Paratransit and MARC Systems. The mission of the Maryland Transit Administration Police Force is to professionally enforce the law and to protect its transit community, employees and facilities with dignity and respect.

In aid of this mission, the MTA has deployed its Homeland Security Surveillance System. Aralia Systems has been integral in the system’s implementation. Aralia’s state of the art analytic software has given MTA Police the ability to accomplish its mission in the areas of detection, prevention, investigation and prosecution of crime and incidents within our jurisdiction.

“The Aralia software is very user friendly and easy to use. Case in point we have light duty officers being assigned to our Technical Services Division regularly and we are usually able to get them fully trained in a single 8 hour shift. We are able to provide officers with real time suspect information. This technology allowed us to monitor incidents and effectively deploy resources as well as assist allied agencies during the recent civil unrest in the Baltimore area.”

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