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Recipient of the 2015 9/11 Transportation Security Enterprise Award

23.02.2016 adminaa Recent News

The Secretary General of the InterPortPolice recently presented Aralia Systems as one of thirteen international companies presented with the 9/11 Transportation Security Enterprise Award at the International Police & Public Safety Medal Ceremony in Chicago, IL USA on October 23, 2015. Secretary General Jay Grant stated,

“Commercial organizations are selected based on product and service innovation or sustainable development. It is truly an honor to present the company with this distinguished Award. We do this in the remembrance of our fallen police colleagues on September 11, 2001 and those officers and officials who follow in their footsteps making the world a safer place. Finding the few companies who excel in bringing policing and security commercial program that assist us in our fight against terrorism, serious crime and disasters is commendable and we hope they continue their efforts as one of the leading organization in the world to bring such solutions.”

Aralia Systems, CEO Glynn Wright, identified that “Aralia is honed to be a recipient of this award and continues to invest in its efforts to support DHLS in its fight against terrorism”. Aralia is proud to remain at the forefront of innovation within the command and control software market and continues to work with the Maryland Transportation Administration in the evaluation of ground breaking new technology.

To support these goals the Morrone 9/11 Centre for Policing and Public Safety was established by the InterPortPolice 2001 to support education, exchanges, and best practices programs for our police jurisdictions. As part of this program we have endeavored to remember those police officers who perished in the line of duty on 9/11 and those who carry forward the mission of fighting terrorism and transnational crime. Superintendent of Police and Director of Public Safety Fred V. Morrone was the incoming President (Chairman of the Board) of the InterPortPolice and the highestranking police officer and official to die on 9/11.

To further the efforts of those companies who excel in policing and security innovation and stabilization the 9/11 Transportation Security Enterprise Award was established and a limited number of companies will be honored each year for achieving such goals.

Additional information such as passed recipients of the International Police & Public Safety 9/11 Medal and the Superintendent Fred V. Morrone 9/11 Memorial Award recipient can be found at

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