Aralia secures European defence agency contract

9.12.2016 adminaa Recent News

Aralia secures European defence agency contract

In partnership with Tekever, IT Aveiro and the Bulgarian Defence Institute, Aralia has embarked on a 12-month project to provide imaging platform with the implementation of SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping), to be based on a robotic vehicle.

The SPIDER (Sensor Platform and Network for Indoor and Exterior-based Radiofrequency Awareness) project aims to develop an innovative system to support urban warfare operations by providing improved situational awareness inside buildings.

SPIDER’s main goal is to provide soldiers with an indoor map and information about the location of humans within it.

To achieve this, SPIDER will develop and analyse a framework using multiple sensors to perform indoor mapping and human detection in an urban warfare context. It will also consider the choice of a data fusion strategy to process and combine sensor data.

The project will explore the advantages and constraints of each solution, as well as solutions encompassing multiple cooperating autonomous robots combined with static RF sensor networks. Distinct ground, aerial and static solutions enhance the resiliency and adaptability of the envisioned system, enabling its application in a number of environments and scenarios.

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