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Aralia Systems is proud to present Ulex, its long-range 3D imaging systems for advanced threat detection.

Conventional 2D cameras cannot provide much of the information that is essential to interpret the content of a scene. If we wish to accurately measure the size, location and type of surface for all the objects that are in view, we need a more advanced camera.

3D cameras produce a far richer view of the scene. They produce all the information, and more, that the famous neuroscientist Marr said was necessary to interpret the content of a scene. That means that a scene analysed by our cameras can be more accurately described than is ever possible with a conventional camera.

Our 3D camera is not a ‘me too’ device, but one specifically designed to provide scene analytics.

Aralia’s 3D Camera Range

Aralia’s range of 3D cameras is designed to recover both multispectral (NIR, SWIR, LWIR and mmWave), surface detail (2.5D) and 3D information.

This additional data means the scene content can be determined with far greater accuracy for many applications.

3D Camera Features

Aralia’s 3D cameras boast the following features:

Large detectors and high frame rates, coupled with optimal quality optical filters, to analyse the content of images.

Improved performance for tasks such as identity detection, inspection, Digital Out Of Home systems, autonomous navigation, as well as surveillance.

Based upon industry interface standards, such as ONVIF, and can be easily integrated with existing applications.


Aralia Systems is proud to present Ulex, its long-range 3D imaging systems for advanced threat detection. This government-backed technology has been developed to address specific surveillance needs in the identification of:



Concealed Objects


Left Luggage


Object Interrogation


Advanced Facial Recognition

Respond to threats with greater speed and accuracy

By using our ONVIF compatible camera, CCTV users are better able to determine what is occurring in a scene, identify a threat and respond to it with greater speed and accuracy.

A university spinout, this system utilises the latest technology in optics, combined with high-level image processing techniques. This affordable, unique and patented technology is capable of covering distances of up to 100 metres with real-time pixel level accuracy.

Surveillance & Identity

Adaptable and versatile

Optimal for low light and ambient conditions, Ulex is highly adaptable and versatile to its surroundings and is not affected by lighting variables such as shadowing. Locations of use include, but are not limited to:3d-logo

Transit networks
Airport security
Government buildings
Power stations


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